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Small area ( 50-400 square meter)


Macron color scheme animated cartoon indoor play zone

Products Description

Macron color scheme animated cartoon indoor play zone in addition to the park as a whole are using low saturated color tone design, the biggest feature is the middle of a large intelligent screen can be used for children to rest to watch some educational, educational short films. Children can not only exercise here, but also learn and develop creativity through play and interaction.

Galvanized steel pipe:

Material: Q235galvanized steel pipe 

1. Diameter 48mm, thickness2.5mm.

2. Enhance corrosion resistance and extend service life through thermal welding process.

3. The overall frame unit area(per square meter) load capacity is not less than 150kg.

Foam pipe:

Material: Made of EPE (pearl cotton), the surface is made of granular PVC, which is an environmentally friendly soft composite. 

1. Dimensions: outer diameter 85mm, inner diameter 55mm, wall thickness 15mm, length 2500mm.

2. The surface is granular, which is more flexible than ordinary guarantee tubes, has better turning and tensile properties, and is flame retardant.

Flame retardant plywood

Material: Flame retardant plywood. Thickness 9~18mm. The thickness of the plate for suspended standing is more than 18mm, the vertical plate for load bearing is more than 12mm, the stiffener plate for structure and the plate for floor and wall paving are more than 9mm. The flame-retardant plate complies with "GB20286-2006 Combustion Performance and Labeling Standard of Flame-retardant Products and Components in Public Places”, the flame-retardant performance reaches the national standard B1 level.


High density

Flame retardant sponge

Material: Polyester flame-retardant high-density sponge, thickness 1~30mm or more, density 25~30kg/cubic meter, has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardant B1 level, anti-static, good breathability and other properties. Comply with BS5852 Part2-Crib5 requirements


Matte PVC leather

Mass/square meter>450g; its physical properties are as follows: elongation at break/%, longitude>15, latitude>20, strong flame retardancy (b1) and cold resistance, gelling properties without detachment after being soaked in ethyl acetate for 8 minutes. layer;The thickness is >0.45mm, and the intensity is not less than 840D; the reflector lamp is "diffuse reflection", has no glare, and is not dazzling.