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Indoor Playground Main Structure Installation Tips

Technical parameters: 

1. Steel pipe: diameter not less than Ø48mm, thickness 2mm or 2.5mm, double-sided galvanized steel pipe.

2.Fasteners: the cast steel fastener thickness is not less than 6mm, its inner wall thickness not less than 4mm, and the effective threaded hole depth is not less than 12mm.

3.Screws: M8 compression screws with strength not less than 8.8, with a plastic cover installed on the top.

4. Pipe wrapping: The steel pipe is softly wrapped with flame-retardant particle wrapping. 0.8mm×400 nylon ties are used, and the wrapping spacing is 100mm.

5. Protective net: The entire frame area needs to be protected with a safety net with a mesh diameter of 35mm-40mm and high-strength polyester thread.

Installation standards:

Standard floor height: 1st floor: 1.8m, 2nd floor: 1.8m, 3rd floor: 1.5m, 4th floor: 1.5m;Special floor height: When the total number of climbing equipment layers increases to 5 or 6 floors, the minimum frame of each layer shall not be less than 1.2m.The minimum height that the equipment can enter is 500mm, ensuring that adults able to enter.

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